The garden in May

Plantings – Early May is still a good time for all planting jobs.

Lawn care – Scarifying, sanding, first, resp. second fertilization. Weed control.

New lawns – Now is the best time for new sowings, on dried soils. Choose a variety adequate to the exposure. Beforehand, loosen the soil with sand or Perlit and work in storage fertilizer.
Rolled lawn is more expensive, but the instant green is useable within 2-3 weeks. Another advantage: no weeds in the beginning!

Seasonal plantings – by the end of the month, the ornamental flowerbeds can be planted for the summer. Consult us for a color combination to your taste: we know the large selection available as well as many of the new varieties.

Garden tip from Kurt:

Mow your lawn frequently, but not to short (ideally cut 1/3 of the blade)