The garden in March

There’s still time to prune ornamental shrubs, fruit and berry bushes. Cut the dead branches close to the ground. Remove frost protection.

Roses: remove frost protection and prune the roses when weather is warming up, loosen the soil and fertilize.

Rake the lawn outworn by the winter, fertilize and, if necessary, scarify it.

March is planting season for perennials. Roses, shrubs and conifers can now be planted as well. Water well, also during the following weeks if the weather is dry.

Fill the empty spaces in the herbaceous borders, divide certain plants, reduce the rampant ones. Distribute a few shovels of compost and mix lightly. Berries need some acid fertilizer.

Garden tip from Stephan:

Roses need fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season - end of February to April, depending on weather and climate.