The garden in February

The first bulbs are now appearing: winter aconite, crocuses and snowdrops adorn the winterly garden. Witch hazel (Hamamelis mollis) and winter jasmine are blooming. There are quite a few other winter bloomer – ask your professional gardener!

Whenever the ground is frost-free, bushes can be transplanted – do remember though to keep them damp afterwards, so that the roots won’t dry out.
Also, weather permitting, ground work for renovation and redesign can be done all winter long. And pavings can be corrected or fences repaired.

It is a good time to plan a long desired restyling of your garden. We now have the leisure to work out a customized proposal and make an estimate.

Garden tip from Stephan:

For a deciduous or evergreen hedge to grow thick and dense, it must be cut regularly from the beginning.